The masculine gift of provision

Manly provision is, literally, what makes the world go around.  The two most essential ways that men provide are through the gift of life: the man of God gives life in the Spirit, the highest form of life; the married man gives life in the flesh.  Both of these gifts of life are the foundation of humanity itself.

Men can also give the gift of life even if not married nor consecrated to God.  So not only the husband, and the father, but the instructor, the counselor, the philanthropist, the doctor, the factory worker too, the list is endless; each one is providing either goods or services which benefit others.  This is provision.

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The womanly gift of nurturing

The womanly art of nurturing is something very, very beautiful!

What is nurturing? Simply put, to nurture means to grow something; to patiently bring about its development–to see it to flowering.  It works perfectly with a man’s gift of protection because anything that needs to grow also needs to be protected while it is still young and small.  So men are gifted to protect that which women can nurture . . . and women are gifted to nurture that which men can protect.  Perfect synergy once again!

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The masculine gift of protection

Manly Protection

Manly protection is a gift that we should be deeply grateful for. Again, it is certainly something that women can and at times must themselves do, for example, when a mother is taking her children to a swimming pool or when a woman is taking her students on a field trip.

However, once again this is a trait that is primarily given to men and so for men it is innate and something that they are absolutely driven to do. Even their bodies are made for protection—just look at their muscles! Of course you can find women who are taller and stronger than some men, but only rarely will you find this in the same family. If you compare most women to most of the men in her own family, you will almost invariably see that her male relatives are taller, stronger, and more muscular than she. This makes it easy to see that men were made, not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to be protectors. And the ones they are made to protect are clearly women and children, those who are not as physically strong as they.

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The first feminine gift: Affirmation

To affirm!  A quick tap of the Thesaurus on my review tab gives me a perfect list: to affirm is to confirm, to sustain, to uphold, to support, to encourage, to acknowledge, even to “pronounce,” which means that for affirmation to be full, it will most often be spoken, otherwise, how will the recipient of the affirmation know that he is being affirmed?!  Nevertheless, other ways of affirmation are often equally as real, such as applause, a look of surprise and joy, and even something as simple as a warm smile.

So, simply put, womanly affirmation is the quality of encouraging others, and especially men, in every way. It’s the ability to look positively at them and all that they do. It means that a woman may see clearly the faults of a man, but instead of placing those faults foremost in her mind, she chooses to overlook them and instead concentrate on his better qualities.  She knows that both men and women have their faults and their qualities.  She realizes that she herself would never enjoy being around someone who noticed her faults and regularly commented on them.  So instead of reminding a man of his faults, she offers a loving and sympathetic understanding which prefers to seek out his higher character qualities and encourage those instead.

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The first masculine gift: Leadership

And now, the first masculine gift:  Leadership

What is manly leadership?!

Manly leadership is something very wonderful. Now, like all other traits, leadership is something that can be carried out by both man and woman—there are certainly times when woman must lead, such as in a classroom, or in a home with small children—but for man, leadership is an innate quality that must be acknowledged as belonging primarily and specifically to him.

Men must lead. Period. For men, it’s not an option—it’s an innate drive, a calling, if you will, that they are compelled to answer.  The reason is simple: God created man first.  It was the man who requested, or called into being, if you will, the woman.

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God created woman for a specific purpose: to glorify Him and to share in His love and glory.  First, though, if we want to get scientific, then we can say that a woman is a human being who carries the XX chromosome. This chromosome is placed within every single cell of her body, so we don’t have to worry that she can remove a certain portion of herself and change into a male. It just ain’t possible because, again, her womanhood is stamped into her every cell. Boom.  Done.

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God created man for a most specific purpose: to glorify Him and to share in His love and glory.  First, though, if we want to be scientific, we can say that a man is a human being who carries the XY chromosome, and this chromosome is located inside of every single cell of his body.  Please let me repeat that.  This chromosome is located inside of every single cell of his body.  Because of this, we don’t have to worry that he can remove a certain portion of himself and change into a female. It just isn’t possible because, again, his manhood is, quite literally, stamped into his every cell.  Done!

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Femininity.  Masculinity.  What’s the difference?!

Before we talk about masculinity and femininity per se, let’s talk about the differences between masculinity and femininity and why these differences matter.

So to start, let’s just say simply that men and women are different! Are you surprised that I say that, much less in print? In this homogeneous culture, yes, it truly is a bold statement. But I must say it again: Men and women are different! As a matter of fact, “Men and women are so different, it is as if their very souls are different,” and this from Saint Edith Stein.

And I’m here to talk about that simple fact. You might ask why I feel I would have to write an entire blog about something so simple; if our great-grandparents knew that we were reading and writing about a subject such as this, they would surely be confused and shocked to think that anybody had a question about this or was looking to discuss it at all.

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