Men and women are different! In this culture, it’s a bold statement! You might wonder why I would write an entire book about something so simple because, truly, if our great-grandparents knew that we were talking about a subject such as this, they would surely be shocked and surprised. Nevertheless, in today’s culture we are seriously in need of an explanation. All you need to do is to look around you, read advertisements, watch television, listen to pop songs, log onto your computer, browse social media, or walk into a public gym, and you’ll see it, everywhere: people confused about men and women, about manliness and womanliness, about masculinity and femininity. So, I’m going to try to offer some perspective on it because I’m certain that there are not only differences but there are absolutely huge, radically important, life-changing, differences. And what are these differences? Well I invite you to read on!


Have a blessed day!!