Why spend time making yourself beautiful?

Why do we want to spend time becoming as outwardly beautiful as we can?  Great question!

Here is the answer.  The reason is that women are the crown of creation.  We were created as a plea to God for refreshment.  Adam, the first man created by God, asked God for someone with whom he could be united, someone with whom he could be equal to.

And God could have easily just given Adam a “bro.”  Why not?

Those two bros could have named all the animals together, they could have subdued the earth and filled it . . . wait . . . well, God can do anything, so He could have made it so that those two bros could have reproduced asexually or something, maybe been able to have little pods.  Who knows?

But God didn’t do that.  Instead, in His vast wisdom and goodness, God created for Adam an equal being–equal in worth, equal in dignity before God–He created a woman.  Adam recognized her because her body was exactly like his, only in opposite form.  In fact, her body fit together with his perfectly, like two puzzle pieces fit together.

So why, if their outward bodies were so similar yet so different, wouldn’t their souls and spirits be different too?

In fact they are different, very, very different.  And one of the differences that God placed in their souls was that each would need something from the other in order to form a completion.

One of the things that the man would require from the woman was a refreshment of soul–a reminder of the ultimate purpose of their lives–that they were created for Heaven and that their lives on earth were only a preparation for that final glory.

And what was one of the principal ways in which the woman would offer this?  She would be beautiful.  She would be beautiful to him.  Her beauty would refresh him and renew his spirit.  Her beauty would be a means to encourage him for the work which was his.

Did this mean that her nose must have been perfectly straight? That her eyes perfectly deep and blue? That her form a perfect size of smallness?

Absolutely not.

Her beauty, and all women’s beauty, comes from within.  It may sound cliche, but it is truth.

Her beauty stems from a clean heart and a pure conscience, first and most importantly.  That’s why if you want to be as beautiful as possible, you must first turn to Jesus Christ, the only One Who can ever purify your heart and clean your conscience.

Then, when your heart is pure, your beautiful light will shine, and your smile will bring joy to everyone, and especially to men.

If you also are clean and fresh on the outside, if your clothes are neat, your hair sparkling and shiny, your hands soft and your smile sweet, you will be placing a balm on the soul of every man who encounters you.

Every man in your life from your father to your brothers, your husband, your extended family and friends, will seek to simply see you smile.

You see, men are not able to manufacture this refreshment for themselves.  When a man looks in a mirror, no matter how handsome the world might consider him, he sees only a face.  His mind and heart do not feel refreshed.

Yet when a woman looks in a mirror, she can even refresh herself.  And her beauty will definitely refresh men. Men absolutely depend on us women to give them this refreshment since they can in fact not produce it for themselves.

Men are visual.  This is why advertisements almost always feature beautiful women.  On the negative side, the pornographic industry is one of the biggest money producers on the face of the earth.  Why?  Because men are seeking refreshment, and there are some who, if they cannot find it in a legitimate way, will turn to illicit means.  Hence, the scourge of pornography in our times.

Ladies, let’s be as beautiful as we can!  Let’s offer our men the refreshment they so long for from us.  I promise they will show their gratitude in countless ways–a great subject for later blog posts.

How can you do this?  Again, first meet with Jesus. Be humbly reconciled to Him and allow Him to offer His forgiveness to you.  Once your heart and soul are clean, look to see that your body is outwardly sparklingly clean, first and foremost.  Then groom your hair, your nails, and your clothing.  Present a smiling, joyful face, a soft voice, and an encouraging spirit.

And then, if you like, you can put the icing on the cake in the form of pretty jewelry, a little make up (not too much), lovely colors, soft fabrics, flowey skirts and sleeves, you get the picture!

Watch the effect your feminine beauty has on the men in your life!

I also believe that cultivating this sense of inner and outer beauty is the antidote to all sorts of relationship problems.  The absolute purity that is needed in a relationship can be sorely put to the test unless you employ your beauty.

How?  Because when a woman behaves, dresses, speaks, and looks like a man, the only way she can show that she is actually a woman . . . is to show her body.  On one side, we have the general run of immodest clothing which is overwhelmingly common.  On the other side, we have the complete giving of herself in promiscuity.  The need here is for her to acknowledge and have acknowledged her womanliness.  However, she hides it so deeply inside the outer almost masculine shell, that it cannot be acknowledged unless it is fully uncovered.

When a woman is feminine, clean, beautiful inside and out, the effect she has on men is overwhelming.  She sees that they are only too happy to help her, to give her their attention, and to do everything possible to see to her comfort.

This causes her to avoid the temptation to show herself or give herself illicitly and to help her man to avoid that temptation too.

She satisfies him simply by being present to him, anything further is not thought of.

There is a line of morality.  This line of morality is determined by the Ten Commandments of God.  Beyond that, there are cultural norms and mores which she can add to that line, or standard.

Then, anything you do, or that your man asks you to do, above the line of morality is fine–so please say yes every time, and you will be blessed beyond measure for having been so agreeable and having affirmed his decision-making skills.   However, should a person be unfortunate enough to desire to go beneath the line of morality, he will find the opposite effect, the loss of blessing and grace, a bad feeling, spirits of insecurity, jealousy, fear, suspicion, etc., and the answer to any request here should be a resounding “No.”   And the paradox is that a “No” simply and quietly but definitively offered at the right moment (avoiding any embarrassment for him)  will do even more to increase his love for you.

So be beautiful, ladies!

Mrs. Andelin has loads of ideas on making ourselves beautiful from the inside out–treat yourself to a copy!


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