God created woman for a specific purpose: to glorify Him and to share in His love and glory.  First, though, if we want to get scientific, then we can say that a woman is a human being who carries the XX chromosome. This chromosome is placed within every single cell of her body, so we don’t have to worry that she can remove a certain portion of herself and change into a male. It just ain’t possible because, again, her womanhood is stamped into her every cell. Boom.  Done.

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Now, the very first woman into whom The Almighty breathed His spirit was Eve. Eve was endowed by Him with certain gifts, characteristics, and qualities, and every one of these gifts, characteristics, and qualities has thus been infused into the heart and the soul of every woman who has ever lived since.

Therefore, these gifts are innate. As a matter of fact, they are so innately woven into the very fiber of woman’s being that it is next to impossible for her to lay them down or to shrug them off. Indeed there are many times when a woman would rather not have to take responsibility for these qualities, but nevertheless she will, day in and day out, because, again, these qualities are a part of the very core of her being.

These gifts, although truly innumerable, can be summed up in just three words:

Simply put, Woman is created with the innate ability




Okay, stay with me if you’d like, and the next post will be about Men!!  And I promise that we’ll get to the main subject of femininity really soon!!


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