Femininity.  Masculinity.  What’s the difference?!

Before we talk about masculinity and femininity per se, let’s talk about the differences between masculinity and femininity and why these differences matter.

So to start, let’s just say simply that men and women are different! Are you surprised that I say that, much less in print? In this homogeneous culture, yes, it truly is a bold statement. But I must say it again: Men and women are different! As a matter of fact, “Men and women are so different, it is as if their very souls are different,” and this from Saint Edith Stein.

And I’m here to talk about that simple fact. You might ask why I feel I would have to write an entire blog about something so simple; if our great-grandparents knew that we were reading and writing about a subject such as this, they would surely be confused and shocked to think that anybody had a question about this or was looking to discuss it at all.

Nevertheless, here we are, living in today’s culture and to my mind very much in need of an explanation. All you need to do is to look around you, read the advertisements, watch television, listen to songs on the radio, log onto your computer, browse social media, walk into a public gym or pool, and you’ll see it, everywhere. People confused about men and women. About manliness and womanliness. About masculinity and femininity.

So, that’s what I’m going to devote my blogging time to. I am certain that there is not only a difference between the two, but there is an absolutely huge difference. Men are not wanna-be women, and women are not wanna-be men; men are not defective women; women are not defective men. Believe it or not, men were created with their own sets of gifts, innate characteristics, and genuine qualities, and conversely, women, too, were created with their own sets of gifts, innate characteristics, and genuine qualities. And all of these innate gifts, qualities, and characteristics serve to provide perfect balance in how we serve each other and above all, God. So, are men and women equal in worth and dignity before God and before their fellow men? Yes! And are they equal in their abilities and gifts?? Well, actually . . . um . . . NO.

So what exactly are these gifts, innate characteristics, and genuine qualities?

Well, read on!

But first, please do keep in mind while reading that in spite of the fact that I will be making some sweeping generalities here, of course I know that both men and women are often capable of doing and achieving all of these general gifts, if and when necessary. However, my point, and the point of this entire blog, is that although both men and women can achieve and utilize all of these gifts when necessary, nevertheless, there is an innate power in each to most successfully use the gifts which he or she has been given, all for the glory of God and the good of others, self, and the world in general. And it is in the using of these specifically innate gifts that both men and women are able to give forth the very best of their hearts and souls and thus produce much good for all.

So, then, my main focus here will be on femininity, and this blog will be directed towards women, and I invite you to read on–and do please let me know what you’re thinking, too!


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