It’s Birthday Blowout time!!

Hi Beloved ones!!

It’s Birthday Blowout time!


As you may know, there’s a true “spirit of discontent” that pervades many homes and families, and he–along with lots of other bad spirits such as the spirit of family discord and the spirit of tension–almost always shows up on people’s birthdays and on holidays–and  especially when lots of family are gathering, and you’ll know he’s there because all of a sudden there will be a huge family blowout of some sort, complete with shouting, name-calling, hurt feelings, door-slamming, and tears.

We’ve all met these bad spirits, I’m sure, and now that my own birthday is approaching, I’d like to offer a solution to this problem.

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“Why won’t you take my advice?!”

Dear ladies, how many times have you asked this of your husband, your son, your brother, one of the men in your life?? And how many times have you asked yourself why they won’t.  Here are some thoughts about how to solve the problem.

Image result for man enduring the freezing cold

Image result for men in shorts in the snow

Today I was driving my son to his high school about a mile away, and I couldn’t help but notice the other young men on the road walking there.

It was a freezing cold morning, 33 degrees, which is cold enough for me, and for the others on the road apparently, except for my son and at least one of the other young high school men I saw.  My son wore shorts with a sweatshirt over his t-shirt, and he happened to be in a car, although he would have thought nothing of walking had I not been able to give him a ride.

Image result for teen boys in the freezing cold

The other young man, similarly, was in shorts, but he omitted the sweatshirt and walked the entire freezing cold mile-plus in just those shorts and a summer-weight t-shirt, along with short socks, athletic shoes, and a backpack.  But that was it!

Image result for men braving winter cold in shortsNope, wasn’t even a collared shirt, it was a tee.

And all I could think was, “Didn’t you want to wear a coat??!”

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Question: How does a very smart woman fix a washing machine?





Very   f e m i n i n e l y.




Ladies, being a feminine woman doesn’t mean your appliances aren’t going to go on the fritz now and then or that you’re not going to need to fix them because your husband doesn’t have the time.

Related image

But being a feminine woman does affect how you might go about repairing them and your interaction about it all with him.

Let me explain:

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“You . . . #*%!! . . . you!!” are your words building his walls?

Ladies, women can sometimes use nasty words when they are in the heat of an argument with their husband, fiance, brother, son, man friend or associate,

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and even in ordinary conversation they can use words which they might think are actually more or less harmless, but they should be aware that name-calling can cause a tremendous amount of damage to a relationship.

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“You have *got* to stop spending so much money!!!”

“You have *got* to stop spending so much money!!!”

Ladies, have you ever heard this from your husband?

Image result for husband wife arguing

Well, if you live in America, if you are over the age of twenty, if you have been married for more than five or six months, and if you have clicked on Amazon even once, ever, then I’m going to wager that you have in fact heard these words . . . and more.

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And when you heard them . . . how did you respond?

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“Can’t I *please* have some quiet during the game?!”


So are you ladies getting ready

for two of the biggest games of the year?!


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I hope so!  And so, please tell me what you’re thinking about them.  Are you preparing?  Are you ready with food, a clean house, some fresh iced tea or your husband’s favorite beverage, icy cold?  Have you checked to see that the remote is working properly?  Is there a spot for him to stretch out and put up his feet?

Image result for comfortable television room football

No, you say?  Wait, did I hear you say that this would even make you indignant??  Why should you encourage him to block everything and everyone out for three or four hours?!

Okay, so let’s talk for a minute, please.

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Why spend time making yourself beautiful?

Why do we want to spend time becoming as outwardly beautiful as we can?  Great question!

Here is the answer.  The reason is that women are the crown of creation.  We were created as a plea to God for refreshment.  Adam, the first man created by God, asked God for someone with whom he could be united, someone with whom he could be equal to.

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To bacon or not to bacon, is that the question?

And I must say, it really is a question.  Here’s why.

I love bacon, but now that I have become a foodie–meaning I “eat clean” as often as possible–one of the first things to go was, literally, bacon.  I learned that bacon is one of the worst things on the planet for me to ingest–mostly because of the salt, sugar, and nitrites content.  And since I have this knowledge, of course, bacon is now the last thing on the planet I want to ingest.

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The feminine gift of nesting

Womanly nesting is absolutely a gift! Have you ever walked into a home and let out a big sigh of relief? If so, it’s probably because that home was being tended to by a really good nester. The art and skill of nesting is better than diamonds and gold. It’s better than riches and wealth. It’s what makes the simplest living space become transformed into the warmest, most welcoming home. Do you know any nesters? If you know any women, then you probably do. All women have the gift of nesting within their souls. Like the other gifts, some women will use and hone this skill more than others, but in all of them, it’s there and ready to be used.

In our culture, unfortunately, the art of nesting has taken a pretty big hit. Since nesting necessarily involves some menial tasks and many repetitive and thoroughly thankless jobs, it is not held in very high favor by most women. However, I believe that if women knew how absolutely sacred and essential this gift is, they would look at it in a different light.

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